Insurance appraisals are for retail replacement value. They are intended to represent the value it would take to replace the artwork quickly in the event of a major loss. Leiza McKenna Appraisals can be engaged for insurance appraisals by the owner of the property, by the insurance broker, or by the insurance carrier.To provide a quote for an appraisal, we need to know the approximate number of pieces in the collection of each collecting category.

In the event of damage or loss, Leiza McKenna Appraisals can provide pre-loss, post-loss, post-restoration and loss-in-value appraisals to aid in the insurance claim process. To provide a quote for a damage appraisal, we need an identification of the damaged work(s) and a description of the damage that occurred.

Leiza McKenna Appraisals prepares Fair Market Value appraisals to aid in distribution of property during family division. In the event of divorce, we will prepare an inventory report or an appraisal to aid in the division or sale of personal property.To provide a quote for a divorce appraisal, we need to know the approximate number of pieces in the collection of each collecting category.

Leiza McKenna Appraisals prepares Fair Market Value appraisals, which can be used by lenders to facilitate a structured loan using these assets as collateral. Loans using art as collateral can be used to finance new art acquisitions, fund investments, manage short-term cash needs, and achieve longer term asset allocation and estate planning goals. In most cases, artwork used as collateral can remain in the client’s home or office.

If you wish to have a photographic and descriptive record of your collection of fine art, decorative art, or collectibles, Leiza McKenna Appraisals can prepare an inventory document. It will include color digital images and full catalogue descriptions for each item. The report can be customized and sorted according to the client’s specifications (i.e by collecting category, by location) and is available in both hard copy and digital formats. We will organize the works in an appropriate software format and advise on price, quality and condition of each piece. We will also lend ongoing support to ensure appraised values remain up–to–date for insurance and for financial planning.

Leiza McKenna Appraisals also has the knowledge to properly care for collections of fine art and other collectibles. We can oversee the cleaning, restoration, or conservation. In addition, we can help our clients with the loan process when their items are borrowed for exhibition at other institutions by reviewing the agreements, making sure their insurance coverage is adequate and overseeing shipping and installation.

Leiza McKenna Appraisals assists in legal cases involving collections of fine art, decorative art and collectibles by providing appraisals, inventory reports, and serving as an expert witness. If you need an art appraiser to provide assistance in the management of a legal situation, please contact us to share information about the case and learn more about our expertise.

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