1. What is a fine art appraisal?
A fine art appraisal is a comprehensive report that documents your works of art and provides an opinion of value based on the intended use. Leiza McKenna Appraisals follow professional standards designed to promote an accurate, objective opinion of value by way of thorough research and an analysis of the appropriate art markets.

2. How does the inspection process work?
The preferred method is to view the artwork in person so that they can be photographed, measured and visually inspected. Copies of supporting documentation (original receipts, previous appraisals, provenance information, etc.) are then provided to the appraiser and research, analysis and report preparation is completed from the office.

3. Can you appraise fine art without actually personally inspecting it?
While not preferred, in some instances this can be accomplished through images sent to us by the client. Please refer to the Photo Guidelines tab for specific instructions.

4. How do you determine your appraisal fees?
Our appraisal fees are competitive with industry standards and based on an hourly rate or an agreed flat fee, not including travel expenses and administrative fees. Estimates consider the scope of work, time to examine the property, market research and report preparation.

5. How often should an appraisal be updated?
Art appraisals are an important aspect of owning and protecting your art. As market conditions can affect the value of art, it is recommended to have an appraisal updated every 3 to 5 years in order to keep your insurance and personal records current.

6. Can I sell you the artwork you just appraised for us?
We do not purchase items that we appraise. Purchasing such items would be a conflict of interest and could bias our valuation process.

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